BREAKING NEWS: The Sandman Dev killed in a shootout in Chicago. The Shadow Dev takes his place.
It's Unprecedented
Never before in history has an ex-President's home been raided by the FBI (Freakin' Bad Insurrectionists). Are you as concerned as we are? You should be. Help us crack the CLASSIFIED document codes for rewards.
What we believe in
Give the documents back!

The recent Mar-a-Lago raid took place with the full support of the current administration. We say return the documents to the man they were taken from and stop the madness.

We cannot underestimate the importance of decentralized finance as the government prepares to double the size of the IRS. Large amounts of ammo were purchased for the IRS division in 2022. And IRS Agent job postings request individuals "willing to use deadly force." That doesn't sound good.

CLASSIFIED CONRACT: 0x522e2265d1a31c2184921abb97c121e15dffae8b


Our developer may have been able to escape with some of the Top Secret CLASSIFIED documents. We need your help as a community to crack the code behind each document and earn rewards.



To get the classified documents into the right hands, our team had to assemble a tokenomics structure suitable for community rewards.


Dedicated to top secret rewards and shill promotion.


Protecting the classified nature of our project.


Bringing the project into the public's eye.

Circ. Tokens

4,000,000,000,000 Trillion tokens are in supply.

Token Symbol

CLASSIFIED docs were already in the right hands.

Max Wallet

The max wallet on the Mar-a-Lago launch is 80B.

IRS Slush Fund Payment
of Documents Seized
in purchased IRS Ammo
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